Last 2 Walk

I cannot believe it took this long before the ultimate implosion that we all knew was coming to happen. Three Six Mafia has long been one of the most dysfunctional groups in hip hop EVER. This might go over a lot of your heads but these guys will do a song with someone on one album and straight threaten to murder him on the next album. The list of former members or associates is longer than the list of actual members. Hence their final album the Last 2 Walk. Well, that may have become one. Yesterday DJ Paul went absolutely nuts on Twitter.

Damn!! Who is he talking to? Can’t be Juice. This dude started the group with Paul. Wherever he goes, the mafia goes. And vice versa. I’m under the impression since The Who Run It Challenge, ASAP Ferg with the Slob On My Knob flow and Power Glide by Rae Srummerd, Paul is probably thinking it’s time for them to get back to the money together. Only problem is, Juice is already there. A member of Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang and signed a solo deal with Columbia Records. Constantly releasing music and popping up with some of the biggest names in music from Vince Staples to Katy Perry. Da Mafia ain’t really necessary right now. The irony of this is baffling.

Image result for 3-6 mafia playa fly skinny pimp

3-6 has been a revolving door of collaborators/enemies. And as vocal as he has always been, I believe Paul is the reason. Playa Fly, Skinny Pimp, Gangsta Blac, T-Rock, The Kaze, Koopsta Knica, Gangsta Boo, Frayser Boy, La Chat, Mr. Dell, Lil Whyte, just a few of the people who belonged to the mafia once upon a time. Disagreements and fall outs happen, yeah. But something is wrong with YOU, if it’s that many other people being the problem. Common theme being “we don’t need ya, don’t bite the hand that feed ya”. Well. Feed yourself. You got it all. Or you all you got. Or maybe too many bridges have been burned. Interesting.

Image result for 3-6 mafia playa fly skinny pimp

I would never say Paul is washed. I do fuck with a lot of his music he has done lately for nostalgia purposes. But the hatred is real. Juice has yet to respond to this Twitter rant and I’m sure he won’t. He was as probably as shady as Paul. Just not as vocal. Something kept them togethe all that time. The Last 2 Walk was a middle finger to all the former members…..Sorry. Can’t have a two man mafia. Murdering imaginary haters. Old and bitter “respect us” attitude. Nothing relevant that was happening in 2008. There is a song called PlayStation, my God.

Image result for 3-6 mafia playa fly skinny pimp

Anyway, this is where they are now. I just spoke with a homie about this subject and he says their time has passed. I reminded him of Ferg, G-Easy, Spaceghost Purp and all the others stealing from the originals. He said “I feel you, but nobody wants to hear that shit right now”. And I agree. Let the legacy live. Don’t hate on those who don’t have the same 25 year old vision. Live by you rep.

Let me post some joints from that era tho.

RIP Lord Infamous


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