It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything on this WordPress platform. But it’s connected to my Twitter account and I noticed an uptick in viewers. For those of you who took the time to visit, I say thank you. If my opinion means anything I will continue to post periodically about various topics concerning hip hop.

Of course the number one topic would be the Pusha T/ Drake beef. And I see a lot of reactions that favor whomever a person more closely aligns themselves with. I see post that claim Pusha went too far. And others that say it’s Wendy Williams tabloid fodder. I see some saying RIP to Drake as if he’s done. Others say that Drake out rapped the so called hip hop purist. To all of that I say, feel your way. And you’re not wrong.

Beef in hip hop has always been a very subjective thing. It depends how I feel about you prior to the beef that determines who I want to win. Well, that’s how I used to feel. This particular beef has become something where I see both sides of the coin.

Drake. Hip Hop’s proverbial punching bag. Beef with everyone from Common to The Sauce Twins. As poppy and mainstream as he may be, he responded as if he felt it was necessary. Pusha has been gunning for Cash Money for years. Be it Wayne, Baby or Drizzy. So he may have felt it was more than appropriate to go ahead and dead this shit. Duppy came out and he attacked not only Push but Kanye as well. Well crafted bars that also happens to include the name of Pusha’s fiancé. Less than 24 hours after hearing Infrared, taking attention away from the Daytona album and proving he’s here and ready for the action. Bravo.

Pusha T. One half of The Clipse. Coke rap connoisseur. He’s been wanting somebody, anybody from that camp to jump out the window. There has been subtle jabs dating back almost six years now. See ‘Don’t Fuck With Me’, ‘Exodus 23:1’ and ‘HGTV Freestyle’ for further proof. So one would be crazy to think that the chamber wasn’t loaded if anybody really wants to go there. Wasn’t Wayne. Drake hopped out and got hopped on. Black face cover art. Relentless bars. Secret kids. Porn star baby mom. The producer’s health. His parents relationship. This man dug up skeletons that nobody else could find. Jesus this is brutal.

Other factor in this equation would be none other than Kanye Kardashian. If he is 100% responsible for the production on Pusha’s album, that’s great. He did a helluva job. However, a guy who has spent the beginning part of this year making an ass of himself on Twitter and in person, and then preaching love over fear. Had to know what this record would do. Disrespectful album cover that cost 85k because this is what the music “feels” like. Sorry, it’s a very Kardashian move to ride the tails of the greats. That’s who they are and that’s what he has become. Hate me. Debate me. Whatever.

So I can see both sides. I can see Push slaughtering this guy for stepping into a realm he was never prepared for. I can see Drake make another number one hit where he casually mentions somebody being too old for them braids. And keep it moving. Whatever happens, I would prefer they find a peace between all involved. As disrespectful as it is already, hopefully it can remain in the studio. Don’t put a black eye on the culture for the sake of a W. It’s Drake’s turn to respond, hopefully he doesn’t find it necessary to bring up Pusha’s brother health condition….. Stay tuned.


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