Decatur Classic

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Back on my home town shit.

Back in 2005 when Jeezy, TI, Gucci Mane and D4L was running the city, there was little group from Decatur that was making waves. Da Backwudz was consisted of cousins Big Marc and Shonuff and made an absolute southern staple.
If you’re from here, I know you remember this. If not. You’re welcome for the introduction. But this was the shit. Memorable hook, dope beat and top notch lyricism. Signing a deal with Dallas Austin and Rowdy Records they released their debut album Wood Work in 2006, where they scored a remix featuring Slim Thug and Nas.
Unfortunately, Rowdy Records was reactivated with the sole purpose of pushing Da Backwudz. Not a really good idea when your label hadn’t been active since 1998. The landscape of the industry had changed. The cousins started a group with two others by the name of The Labratz and released one album called Atlantis Rising. I could find any other information on Shonuff, but Big Marc kept rhyming. Reinventing himself as Aleon Craft and becoming a staple in the East Atlanta area.
Dude still got it.
So when people bring up Atlanta hip-hop, of course you hear all the regulars. This.Is true shit that you damn near had to be from here to recognize. Perhaps this is the start of a whole new section on this site, but one hit wonder is not a bad thing compared to those who did nothing. These guys should have made it much further. But the industry isn’t designed for everybody. No hate or no shade, I’m just proud for what they were able to give.
East Side Stand Up.

One thought on “Decatur Classic

  1. Bruh. I thought they were the second coming of Outkast when I heard their album. Crying shame they never got the notoriety they deserved.


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