Squares Out Yo Circle

future rocko

Just days after being certified with a platinum plaque for Dirty Sprite 2, Future is being served with a lawsuit courtesy of former boss homie  Rocko. At first, I looked at this like Rocko is bitter and hating on the fact  that Future is a full blown superstar who didn’t need his street cred to be in his position today. He’s been rapping since his name was Meathead and going to Columbia. He is related to Rico Wade. He is second generation Dungeon Family. By way of Da Connect.

 Nah, Rocko wasn’t necessary. Stardom was around the corner.

Or maybe not. Da Connect flopped and broke up. But he did gain writing credit for crafting the hook to Ludacris’ ‘Blue Berry Yum Yum’ from The Red Light District album. The next time Future was heard again was ‘Racks’ by YC. But, as I do more research, this was around the time he was hanging with Rocko heavy.

Now the question is, did  Future sign to A-1?  If he didn’t, and this was two dudes who hung and occasionally made music together, this whole lawsuit is null and void. But if he did, Rocko deserves his fair share for helping this man achieve his current position. It’s not snitching or hating. A binding contract is just that.

Let this be a lesson to all upcoming artist, business has to be handled correctly. If you got somebody in your corner showing love and eventually ask you to sign a piece of paper, READ it. Get a lawyer. Know the obligations and stipulations. You might find yourself in a situation where your “dawg” has to serve you with some papers. And UOENO it.


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