Glitz Glamour Fame Death

Once upon a time. What seems like a long time ago now, rappers used to talk about selling drugs. Now the predominant nature is “you ain’t as high as me”. Which means the talk has switched from seller to user. This is nothing new, we have been in this phase for a few years now. So why would I write a story about the obvious? Well, I feel like the consequences are showing in those whom we used to consider our heroes. Not all of them, but some have definitely fell victim to where living the life for a night, became the lifestyle. I’m sad to say, but I predict I will have a lot more people that fall under this umbrella in 10 years if I ever go back and update this article. Think about the people we have lost and the actions of those still here. Its not glamorous. Its scandalous.

Chris Kelly (Kris Kross) hours before death.

DMX with NORE and DJ EFN

Joseline Hernandez

Perhaps the dealers of the future will be more articulate and progressive than your typical standing on the corner, thug ass nigga. Maybe they will use proper English and not stick out like Akon in a tanning salon. Maybe that mythical “plug”, whom, is never black by the way, decided the rapper can sell way more drugs as users. Or maybe they already have.

Long story short, we have lost Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and possibly Prince to drug overdoses. And these people never uttered a word on record about what they were into. So think ahead and see the death and destruction that is to come after not only talking about, but bragging about, substance abuse as it becomes normal. It’s a long road ahead, but if record companies were to be held accountable for the content, maybe the age of drugs will die away. Me thinks I found the plug.


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