Truer words have never been spoken. I am not a Kanye hater but I do hate the arrogance. DJ Quik has issued a real challenge from one producer to another. And this isn’t any old beat maker. This is a man that has truly been there and done that.

Now the question is, can you argue with his statement. I don’t like this album. I don’t like the fact that it has been revamped in installments even after its “release”. Kanye to me is a man who is scared. Scared is in a sense of “I need yall to like me, but fuck your opinion “.  Trying to be forward thinking and keeping your finger on the pulse of the culture is a very daunting task. And instead of returning to his roots, he seems to go further out of space.

It’s ironic that a black man was responsible for the Kardashian fame. But they have the exact opposite effect on the black men thereafter. Ask Lamar Odom, OJ Simpson, James Harden, Caitlyn, Reggie Bush and soon to be added Kanye West. This man is at a serious crossroads and I have spoke on this before, but to hear a fellow artist really give a genuine breakdown on what he sees, is awesome that he can be so honest. A lot of the people in the industry try to be politically  correct, I can only assume as to not sour relationships. But Quik will never need Kanye. So truth can be spoken freely.

I have to be honest and admit I was wrong into thinking that this album was going to be a return to a signature sound that made Kanye as famous as he is today. Instead we saw a Schoolboy Q album, Setbacks & Contradictions. That’s not a knock against School, he literally had an album called S&C. But Kanye wants to be considered amongst the greats so bad, yet he hasn’t found that spot amongst his peers. You can’t bypass the respect of people that are in your craft and immediately jump to comparing yourself to Steve Jobs and Walt Disney. Especially ,when “genius” married into a family of talentless, fame whores. Hate me, say what you will. I just call it like I see it.



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