Respeck My Name!!

With the pout of a third grader put on punishment the day the New Ninja Turtles movie drops, Birdman broke a record for the shortest interview ever on The Breakfast Club today. I’m sure he has valid reasons to be upset, Charlamagne talks a lot of shit. But at the same time, ridicule and tough questions should be a part of the job. Everybody don’t like you and ain’t here to kiss your ass.

With all of the controversy surrounding Birdman, The Breakfast Club couldn’t wait to get him in. Think about, besides the Lil Wayne situation (which is a MAJOR situation), they needed to explore Drake, how does he feel about Nicki and Meek especially with the Rick Ross jab, the lawsuits, and what’s the deal with Rich Homie Quan and Young Thug. Man this interview could have lasted three days, instead it was less than three minutes.

Some call it gangsta. But if you know anything about anything….these Internets are gonna clown. And they did NOT let me down.

Hilarious as it may be, questions need answers. And being petty about business practices will get you no where in the long run. I hate to sound so one-sided but I think the bullshit is catching up. Cash Money has had a long history of shady business practices and overall fuckery in general. I bet Mannie Fresh is somewhere laughing his ass off.

But on the gangsta side of things, most people with sense know, don’t fuck with Baby.  With urban legends of killing his own artist and turning them out on drugs (allegedly), he has a system that has worked for years. He just so happened to find himself in a situation where journalism has out finessed his gangsta. There was probably a long line of questions he wasn’t prepared to answer.  And he acted an ass accordingly. As for Charlamagne, I’m proof positive, there was no need to worry about a damn thing. This syndicated radio show reaches millions of listeners all across the country. If something were to happen to him or any other member of The Breakfast Club, this situation has been well documented. Built in protection.

Catch up pleighboi.



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