Do We Belong?

Over the weekend NWA was awarded a spot in The Rock And Roll Hall of Fame. Kudos for the accomplishment. But I’m having trouble with the purpose. I know NWA isn’t the first hip-hop act to receive such an honor. Look at Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five, Run DMC, The Beastie Boys and Public Enemy. But do we belong there? I know the whole argument about rock and roll being stole by the white man. Blah, blah, blah. But shit, even if there were black rock and roll artist now, would you listen? Or better yet, would you BUY their music? Do you listen to Lenny Kravitz, Ben Harper, or Cody Chesnutt. Are you experienced in the works of Jimi Hendrix or did you buy that poster because it looked good under a black light in your dorm room?

The site is called Hip Hop Full Circle, but I am much more open minded with my musical pallet. There are tremendous songs in every genre of music. But if you find someone with an open mind, you better know a closed minded hater will soon follow. I see Gene Simmons talking shit about NWA. The funny thing about that is there were a lot of people who didn’t consider KISS rock and roll. Four guys who wore makeup, one of which was clearly a cat. A fucking cat.

But anyway. I kinda see his point. No matter how many country songs he does, Nelly will never be inducted in The Country Music Hall of Fame. Because he doesn’t make country music. He RAPS over country songs. To me there is a difference in that. If the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was based upon recognition for artist making ROCK music, I see no problem with hip hop artist not being included or even up for consideration. It’s not discrimination, some things just don’t fit the category. This isn’t a case for Al Sharpton or Black Lives Matter to march, rally or protest.

But still, its a great thing for these artist to be recognized NOT from a group of their peers. This definitely proves the power and the reach that these groups were able to achieve. Perhaps with hip hop basically still being the youngest genre of music, it hasn’t been around long enough to properly have a Hall of Fame. But I will tell you, that time should be coming soon. And there are enough hip hop based award shows to show us what not to do, hopefully the senior ambassadors can make it something prestigious in the future. But for now, I do bask in the enjoyment of the Niggas With Attitudes being inducted into the establishment. Besides, they can’t take it back.

NWA Acceptance Speech Part I

NWA Acceptance Speech Part II

Let me know how you feel about the subject.

Thanks for reading.


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