So yesterday, there was tribute for Phife Dawg held at The Apollo Theatre in New York. There was a lot of celebrities in attendance and a few took the stage to give speeches. Kanye West bitched spoke like he always does. But the most interesting speech was courtesy of Andre 3000. Around the 1:30 portion, 3000 let it slip that an Outkast/ A Tribe Called Quest album could have happened a few years ago.

what the fuck wavves

So yeah. I don’t have the time nor patience to determine who is responsible as for why this did NOT happen, but I do know we have missed out on a grand opportunity. We are discussing two different groups with two different sets of internal problems. It would be damn near be impossible for this situation to become a reality. Therefore, it was a great idea, with no chances of actually happening. And that is why I chose the opening picture to display the crowd when 3000 stated this possibility.


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