Sample Clearance: Southern Duos

Every so often I will where a song and wonder what is the original track. I’m sure most people are well aware that there is nothing new under the sun. And most songs, if not flat out sampled, at least took a bit of inspiration from a song that previously existed. I don’t want to get into the lyrics, but more so about the music. The producers who we all love and respect had to dig so deep to find some of these songs to sample, it would blow your mind. I’m going to showcase a few of my favorite songs and the inspiration behind them. This is a producer’s wet dream.

Outkast always had some of the best production with Organized Noize backing them. I knew sampling was a major thing for hip hop producers. I just never knew something that sounded so futuristic was actually made in 1970.

Outkast- 2 Dope Boyz

The Five Stairsteps- Danger She’s A Stranger

Always one of my favorite cuts by them Texas Boys. Who would have thought the root for a southern classic would live in jazz.

UGK- Ridin Dirty

Wes Montgomery- Angel

Remember that time in 1993 when a British soul and pop group laid the foundation for a group of southern legends to make their debut.

Eightball & MJG- Comin Out Hard

Simply Red-Holding Back The Years

Yeah I know there’s a website that has found a lot of these samples. But this is my site. Hopefully I can continue to come up with some of your favorite songs and the inspiration from which they came. If you have something you want me to explore, feel free to post in the comment section.

Bonus Cut

Outkast- So Fresh So Clean

Joe Simon- Before The Night Is Over



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