Executive Gangsta Prisoner: Part 1

Maybe you’ve heard of James Rosemond aka Jimmy Henchman. Maybe you haven’t. But if you know his name or not, you have definitely heard something about him. He has a long history in the music and entertainment industries. Working with everybody from Mike Tyson, Wyclef John and The Game. But speculation and current incarceration situations says there were two sides to Rosemond.

I recently located a documentary by Go To Ground News titled Unjust Justice, that will help shed some light on one of the most fabled tales in hip-hop. The Quad City Studios shooting of Tupac Shakur. This documentary features Rosemond speaking live from prison where he is currently serving two life sentences. Now I noticed this documentary is listed as episode 1. So I can only hope there are more episodes that will discuss his legend. From being the founder of Czar Entertainment, managing various artist, to the beef with G-Unit, all the way through his being on the run for drug trafficking and subsequent incarceration.

So as long as they don’t snatch down the link, I will continue to share every time a new episode is posted.



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