Imagine That

Dream with me for a minute.

love black and white girl rihanna smoke

You’re a rapper. Not only are you a rapper, but a rapper with a message. You have bypassed major label deals  for fear of being shelved due to your message. So you continue to grind on your own. You and your team are booking shows, flights, transportation and hotels all independently. The buzz is growing, your making all the right moves. It’s only a matter of time. And then it happens. RCA calls, and not only do they want you. But they need you. The deal is perfect. You sign. The signing bonus comes. And what do you do?

Do you A?

Ball the fuck out.


Buy a “modest” piece of property.


Maybe a nice economical, reliable vehicle for yourself.



Payoff your student loan.

If you picked D, you’re probably lying responsible and had a plan to do so before you ever signed the line. That’s commendable, and worthy of recognition. Now I’m sure this is not breaking news, as I have saw this story in other places, but it still deserves attention. New Orleans rapper Dee-1 just did something the majority of college, graduate, bachelors, masters, doctors, dropouts and just visitors have NEVER done. And he did it with his money gained from rapping. You have no idea how many dudes I know who used to use the overpayment checks to fund them pipe dreams. This is full circle fruition.

Graduating from Louisiana State University David Augustine Jr., did the right thing and took a full time job teaching math in middle school. Even with that job, student loan debt still loomed. It simply wasn’t enough money. This is life for the majority of America. A continuous cycle of forbearance, economic hardship and paying thee bare minimum. This is dope that someone was able to overcome that beast.

Nationwide, student loan debt is $1.2 trillion and anybody I know, who went to school beyond the 12th grade has, and is probably still, contributing to that debt, myself included. My daughter is in the 11th grade now and we are praying for some kind of scholarship before she adds to this too. But hey, that  will never stop her from going. But back to the topic, Dee-1 really reached some people with this one. Good uplifting message and of course that whole “light at the end of the tunnel, you can do it too” attitude performed to perfection. Oh by the way, did you notice the stadium in this video? It’s his alma mater. He came back debt free.

That dream became reality.




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