Genius God Victim

Usually when I get annoyed with something or someone, I try my best to ignore them. Perhaps it or they will go away and the world will resume rotating. But not today, Ive been trying to ignore this for quite awhile now, but it won’t go away. What is this “it” that I speak of ? None other than Kanye West. I’m pretty sure these Twitter rants and public meltdowns are well scripted. They just so happen to not work in his favor this time.

Back and forth with the title changes, talking down on people’s children,saying white publications can’t discuss his music or black music for that matter, comparing himself to Disney. Referring to himself in the third person. Having backstage meltdowns on Saturday Night Live because the set up was not to his liking. And at the same time asking Zuckerberg for a 100 million to fund his bullshit dream. Oh, and lets never forget the ether from Amber.

 Bruh stop. I don’t see anybody wearing that Hunger Games collection of clothing. I don’t hear nobody playing ‘Allday’ in the ride. And the only person calling himself the greatest of all time is….him. Make some dope music or shut the fuck up and go away.

I feel like an ultimate meltdown is in the making and he wants us to believe it’s our fault. He’s seeing Beyoncé and Kendrick  captivate the masses with music, videos and imagery that convey a proud sense of self awareness and he wants to be beyond that. I’ve followed his career and I see the changes and influence he has been responsible for, but this time he comes across as an out of touch egomaniac without a clue as to how to make you believe him again. Spazzing on Wiz Khalifa for saying KK. Which stands for Khalifa Kush. I mean shouldn’t her initials be KW anyway, they are married right? Apologizing for these rants and blaming his ego. We have heard this before. The impact is different.

This is the guy who said his girl is a star all off of a home movie. And then gets upset when somebody says anything he THINKS is about her. Talks shit about Puma giving his sister in law a deal and saying she would NEVER accept the million dollar deal and they were keeping everything in the family, however, she did. Claiming he s responsible for Taylor Swift’s success, while she just became the only female artist to win album of the year twice. Signed a fake ass NY Future in Desgiiner  and has re-released “The Life Of Pablo” twice already. Oh, and now it’s not for sale.

Power and influence is waning sir. I’ve listened to the album and I hear a lot complaining and boasting. If anything makes it better it’s the features. Yeezus was a clusterfuck of an album, this was supposed to be his time to redeem himself and all I’m seeing is someone who continues to make a complete ass of himself. Younger, dumber, more ignorant artist may get a pass for such behavior but I feel he should know better. Perhaps since he compares himself to such visionaries as Walt Disney and Steve Jobs he should research their beginnings and perseverance as to how they achieved greatness. Instead of putting himself on the same level without the same work, is wasted effort at best.Where I come from, temper tantrums only got you grounded or an ass whoopin. So according to Twitter, you can find Kanye playing either Genius, God or Victim. I guess it depends on how he’s feeling at the moment. But I know for certain, you’re only funky as your last cut. Ask 3000.


2 thoughts on “Genius God Victim

  1. The smell my finger pic is hilarious. Lmao! He throws tantrums but I feel its because they won’t let him do the big things he wants to. They won’t let him into those corporate circles.


    1. And he won’t get there with his attitude. I’m sure there are bigger egos and assholes the higher you go. But he won’t get far when he wants to be apart of their circle. He wants in. Not the other way around


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