Urban Legends: Master P vs. Pimp C

So the story goes that Pimp C never got paid for the production of “Break’em Off Something”. Never one to hold his tongue Pimp C started talking bad about P. Long story short Master P and some goons ran into Pimp’s hotel room and pistol whipped him and called J Prince for permission to kill him. Obviously, the answer was no. J Prince was furious with P and had No Limit banned from parts Texas for a bit.

So why do we even know this happened? Way back in 2004, the Pimp C half of UGK released a album while he was in prison called ‘The Sweet James Jones Story’. I really dug this album. Certified hits in my book with “I’m A Hustler” “Comin’ Up” and “Everytime”. But the real gem was “I Know You Strapped”. Most of the dudes I hung around listened and had no idea what happened between Pimp C and Master P. Hopefully I can shed some light on this situation. The song first.

Cause y’all niggas is some motherfucking hoes
We don’t want your records or your motherfucking clothes
You shoes ain’t tight and you’re phony at your shows
So bend your ass over like a bitch is supposed

I make my fucking music for the boys with the O’s
The old school pros and the strip club hoes

The boys with the heart in the motherfucking South
Bitch you ain’t had a hit since I saw you break ’em off

I found three different interviews that can explain better than I ever could.


Mia X

Mama Wes

Do you know how cold that is, to be pistol whipped by somebody who knows your mother? Mia X’s fiancĂ© caught a flight and helped to kidnap and pistol whip Pimp, and was back before she knew it. Is this the reason why Bun-B was THE first collaborator with  cross town rival Cash Money? The world may never know. But I do know, this has answered a lot of the questions I’ve had myself. The most that was ever spoken on record was the Pimp C track. Master P never said a word. Is that because of his gangsta’ or a quiet warning from J Prince? What ever the case, this was a real occurrence between two southern hip hop legends.


Back when it was all good.


3 thoughts on “Urban Legends: Master P vs. Pimp C

    1. I had to do some real research. I’ve heard boys and pieces but I never found a real story about it. Maybe I don’t have ALL the information but this is the most complete piece I could come up with. Thanks


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