Magic City

Atlanta, Georgia is home to a lot of things. Coca-Cola,  Martin Luther King Jr., Home Depot and Outkast. Another reason for this city’s popularity is the fact that it is essentially a black mecca. People from all over this country have migrated here with hopes of a better life. Furthermore, the hip hop industry has not only developed, but has become a major player on the national scene. One of the main reasons for this, is the thriving strip club scene. Young artist will bypass begging a radio station to take a chance, and go straight to the strip club for exposure. We have Strokers, Diamonds of Atlanta, Waxx,  Pleasures, Onyx, Clermont Lounge and Pin Ups. That’s just to name a few, however, none hold more weight in this city than Magic City.

Every athlete, rapper, hustler, baller, and everyday cat with a little extra money, wants to see and be seen in Magic City. The atmosphere is amazing. And every Monday is Magic Monday, this is the most popular night. It’s kind of amazing to me that regular 9-to-5 workers can make it to such an event. But it’s typically not for them.  I found this documentary that could explain the impact Magic City has had on Atlanta and the rest of The United States, more than I ever could. Check it out.

Are you experienced?


3 thoughts on “Magic City

  1. Never really got into the facsination of Magic City. Strokers, yep. Onyx, sure. Even the Flame (it’s like 15 mins from me). Shrugs.


    1. See and be seen spot, most definitely. I have had much more fun in hole in the walls. I’m talking Babe’s and Pin-Ups. 5 dollar dances and cheap entry. Speaking of which, did you know MC Shan used to DJ at Babes off Fulton Industrial?


  2. Used to love chilling in strip clubs. My favs were onyx, shooter alley, and blaze was cool too. So was kamals 21. Oh yeah and follies was cool


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