Beefing With The Boss

Happy New Years People!!

I give thanks for this blog and the support of my wife for allowing me to speak so freely about my passion. This year we will expand and continue to do bigger and better things. I hope you all stick with me. I may have some new writers to come aboard this year. I will continue to push with Tony Grands, so be sure to check out his site. I thank you all for your love and support.


On to the topic of the day. Most of my readers have a boss. I’m sure I have a few independent entrepreneurial type followers as well. But for the most part, everybody has to answer to somebody concerning work.  With that being said, bosses are also obligated to retain the best talent, aka cash cows. To prevent a high turnover rate and shit.

So what happens when the cash cow decides to leave the corporation? Usually that involves a departure notice and a non-compete clause. But not in Hip Hop. Nope, none of that. If you choose to leave a particular company, it may include a body bag. There have been several instances in the history of this genre that can prove that previous sentence true.

But every once in awhile, you come across a boss who absolutely refuses to let the employee go. A lot of artist have been able to escape their situation and move forward with their careers. Think about The Lox and Bad Boy, Rick Ross and Slip-N-Slide and Ice Cube and Ruthless. But with one particular company, you are NOT allowed to leave. Period.

Every since Cash Money signed that deal with Universal Records, they can no longer kill allow artist to leave the label on good terms. Throughout the history of their existence, Cash Money has had some questionable times concerning the deaths of artist on their label. Google Pimp Daddy, Yella Boy, Soulja Slim and Magnolia Shorty. Now this article isn’t about death, it’s about ownership. The Cash Money Brothers have been able to maintain ownership of their artist, even when they want off the label.

Juvenile was the first artist to leave Cash Money after the deal with Universal. You know, flagship artist responsible for such ditties as ‘Ha’ and ‘Back Dat Azz Up’. Founding UTP Records and introducing Wacko and Skip to the world, Juvenile was set to become his own boss. He dropped ‘Nolia Clap’ which would be the biggest hit for his label. Not reaching the level of success he had previously seen with Cash Money, Juvenile returned to the label and scored and platinum album with “Juve The Great” and a number one single with ‘Slow Motion’ featuring Soulja Slim.

This laid the pattern of never being as successful without the label. BG also left Cash Money.

Complaints about finances becomes a running theme with these guys. BG left and started Chopper City Records. He released “Life After Cash Money” “Too Hood 2 Be Hollywood” and “The Heart of The Streets” vol. 1 and 2. These albums didn’t make much noise outside of the south, but he never went back. He eventually reconciled with Baby and CMR and featured Baby and Lil Wayne on the remix to ‘Back To The Money’.

Sadly, in 2012, BG was sentenced to 14 years in prison for  gun possession and witness tampering.

Now I won’t give the entire run down of disgruntled artist. Go find the Young Turk and Mannie Fresh problems. But of course the latest artist to have problems is Lil Wayne. If you’ve been on this site, you can find articles about this all day. But true to Cash Money tradition, Baby has found his way back into Lil Wayne’s and Drake’s life by showing up to the same event and even taking a few photos with them.

Does this mean they have reconciled and Wayne is back with the company? Or was it simply a picture? Now, I’ve seen pictures of label heads and former artist who have had major beef before.

But this is different. Wayne is currently suing Baby and Cash Money for 51 million dollars. This can’t be patched up with a flick in the club. The last time Wayne declared he was leaving Cash Money for Def Jam, he was made president and given his own label. Oh, you didn’t know?

The bottom line is Wayne should be able to leave Cash Money in a better position than any other Hot Boy. And if you look at the lawsuit, he is owed royalties from all Young Money releases. Yes, that includes Drake, Nicki Minaj and….. But whatever, that should be more than enough to move into the next phase of his career. Baby knows this. And it’s not that easy. So if Wayne leaves AND takes Nicki and Drake with him, who would Cash Money have? Are you really looking forward to Jacquees, Caskey and Chanel West Coast albums? Me neither. But hopefully Wayne makes the wiser decision and continues with his departure. All these years of loyalty and holding down the organization when everybody else left, hasn’t gotten him very far.  Remember, Nino Brown killed G-Money.

CMB!! We All We Got!!!!


2 thoughts on “Beefing With The Boss

  1. Good post. The label is prolly the reason BG got so much time. They dirty. But its all about that money. These young niggas need to know how these labels work. When they sign u their giving u a loan that has to be paid back. They own u from the jump. Then these niggas ain’t never had shit so they blow that “loan” money and it ends up being real bad in the end for most. Smh. That’s why I give props to migos. They made their first mil unsigned.


    1. That’s what’s up. That Quality Control label is really doing it right. I don’t know why they signed OG Maco but The Migos have the formula right now. But Cash Money must have in a contract “you will be fucked”. Probably literally and figuratively. Thank you for reading


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