The True Story of Freaknik

Man, look.

Either you were too young, lived too far away or your parents were too strict. But if you lived ANYWHERE remotely close to metro Atlanta and could venture out in the mid 90’s, you made your way to Freaknik. Trust and believe, you found a way. I’m not going to do a lot of typing on this post because I have enough videos and pictures to show you what it really was.

Come take this trip.


My first Freaknik was 1994. My cousin Edric took me. I was in 10th grade and hung out that whole Saturday and Sunday. We bumped that first Wu-Tang, ‘Enter The 36 Chambers’, the whole time.  I saw Tupac in Piedmont Park. I think I might have been too  sleepy, to believe my cousin when he said it was him. But that’s not the only thing I couldn’t believe.

Freaknik Documentary

Image result for freaknik

Freaknik ’94

Playa Poncho  What’s Up What’s Up

Freaknik ’95

Diamond feat. D-Roc What Up With The Bankhead Bounce

Bonus points noticing a young Bobby Valentino.

Freaknik for me, probably lasted a good 5 years. By the time 1999 rolled around, the magic was gone. Once the Mayor and Atlanta Police Department got wind of the dates, it was over. Some people tried to get it started up later, but they can never duplicate the mid 90’s.

Shout out to my brothers Otis, James, Shadeed, Edric, Los and Lavar. And to anybody else who stalked these streets with us during this time.

Here’s a few more pictures I could find.

What is your favorite Freaknik memory?


4 thoughts on “The True Story of Freaknik

  1. Man, I was only in middle school during the freaknik era. Not having any older cousins or siblings AND level headed parents kept me completely away from it. But apparently, the other kids in my middle school, in Marietta of all places, (Went to Sylvan Hills Elem, though) told their first hand accounts and it was the stuff my preadolescent dreams were made of. Great write up!


  2. I was about 8 during these times but man I wish I was older. Atl Government officials need to pay homage to the ones who started freaknik they made the city a lot of money


    1. You are right. While I was doing research for this. I read how Mayor Kasim Reed came to Freaknik from college and had a ball. But he’s one of the main reasons it’s not allowed to continue now. But yes Freaknik brought crazy money to the city. Thank you for reading.


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