Conspiracy Time: B.O.B.

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Now yall don’t kill me for this. But as usual I was scouring the Internet looking for a topic or something to add my twist to. As you can tell I haven’t had much luck due to my lack of posting…inspiration…the holidays….and…beer. But whatever. Something did catch my eye on Youtube the other day. Decatur, Georgia rapper B.O.B. has been saying some wild things in interviews and on social media as of late. Not wild like out of his character, but more so kinda speaking out on the wickedness he has witnessed within the industry. A lot of people believe this wickedness is the work of The Illuminati. Whether you believe such an organization even exist is for you to decide. But I will tell you, B.O.B. has witnessed something that turned him a bit sour on the music industry. I found this video of an interview he did in Kenya and he speaks of human cloning. And goes further to say he knows it happens for a fact. Go to the 7:20 mark.

Now he didn’t speak on it a whole lot but what he did say, has to have a deeper meaning. And the fact that he chose to speak on this in another country. I can almost guarantee, this question would have never been asked in America. And if it was, he wouldn’t have answered. The host also asked about some strange tweets that were posted lately. Excuse the spooky music.

Now this is where it gets interesting to me. During the interview, B.O.B. mentioned he quietly dropped an album, ‘Psycadelik Thoughtz’,and two mixtapes  ‘NASA’ with London Jae and ‘WATER’. If you do your research on these records, you will find Grand Hustle attached to them all. And if you do NON research, you can quickly achieve enlightenment that not one of these songs have been played on urban radio…at least not where I live. Now how can it be that TI doesn’t promote his own artist? Correction, his own  TALENTED artist. Is it because he’s not worth promoting? Is it because TI is more so concerned with his standing in the LGBT community by continuously chasing Young Thug? Or is it because of the subject matter?

The last mixtape is called ‘WATER’ which stands for We Are The Enemy Really. As I conduct a search to listen to it, another tag line keeps popping up, Anti-Illuminati Conscious Rap. I was going to let you find it yourself, but as I hit the share link in Youtube, this appeared.

Re-upload to spread awareness, B.o.B is standing up for those without a voice and will probably get in trouble for makin this mixtape

Once again it’s you choice to determine whether or not this secret society actually exist, but what cannot be debated is the backlash that follows those who speak, act and think different. See Dave Chappelle, Kat Williams and Pimp C as examples. It’s easy to call someone crazy when their thinking isn’t in line with yours. Whatever the case, I hope B.O.B. finds the peace and understanding that he seeks. It has to be tough to become disillusioned from something you sought your whole life. And whether or not he has TI’s, his label’s or former fan’s support,  he has mine. And I’ve never been a huge fan. But I appreciate people who think and believe different and stick to their guns. So to do my due diligence, I must support my fellow Columbia High School alumni. Here is the download link to ‘WATER’.

Really pay attention.


One thought on “Conspiracy Time: B.O.B.

  1. We just gotta realize we’re dealing with a machine that’s become unstoppable. The real question is how u gone level up financially mentally spiritually in order to provide security and safety for ur fam.


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