Please Listen To My Demo

Man it’s hard to be an aspiring rapper these days. The market is over run with emcees giving the same story. And the avenues to display these products are getting easier to ignore. When’s the last time you downloaded a brand new dude you NEVER heard before from Datpiff? Or even watched a (user submitted) video on Worldstar? I’ll wait.

So what is an emcee to do? Especially when his story ain’t like the rest of them dudes. Even though he don’t need to rap, he’s been getting real money since he was like 9. But still, when they hear this, they gonna feel this. Real talk, true story. He doesn’t put his mixtapes in Happy Meals. Or wait outside of radio stations to spit for whomever was interviewed that day. NO!

Enter Atlanta, Georgia rapper J Luchiano. In a feeble attempt to push his music to those in charge, J Luchiano jumped a fence  in Fayette County Georgia and hand delivered his latest mixtape to Rick Ross’ front porch. Obviously, with the hopes that Rozay or Renzell or what ever he is calling himself these days, would mistake it for the daily paper and think this is a new form of delivering the news. You know, this house.

Not only did J Luchiano scale a fence to drop off this “heat”, evidently he wasn’t alone, as he took the time to have a full fledged photo shoot on the property.

Pondering by the pool………

Popping EMPTY bottles of Belaire……

Contemplating on the porch……

Damn homie, these are the antics you pull to get a deal? This is stalkerish on so many levels. To pull up to man’s house with hopes of being signed and you take pictures at his house while trespassing? What the hell were you thinking? Not only that, you took pictures at a man’s house who just got out of jail for kidnapping a groundskeeper?

So what happened from this point was the ultimate set up move. Ross had his lawyers contact J Luchiano with hopes of discussing a “record deal”. Oh, he got a record deal alright. But this one included a visit from the police and trip to jail. See photo above.

So what’s a young hustler to do? Of course you diss Ross for not keeping it real. I cannot make this shit up. His producer is concocting some tracks already posted on youtube that I’m sure will be released at the height of this fuckery. Hear them below.

Now, had Ross turned around and said he respects the hustle and  wanted to deal with him, it would have been a different game. But to turn around and diss after you violated a man’s personal space……

The moral of the story is, you have to be more accountable. Showing up to someone’s house uninvited is ludicrous. I got family members I wouldn’t pull that on. There has to be a better way to get put on. But since TMZ, Wendy Williams and The Breakfast Club are all discussing J Luchiano, the least I can do, is let you decide for yourself. Enjoy. But not too much as he may show up at your residence seeking a deal.






2 thoughts on “Please Listen To My Demo

  1. That guy was crazy for that. He could’ve used social media and YouTube to get heard. Ross should drop the charges tho but he was a punk ass corrections officer so I’m not surprised if he doesn’t. The good thing is now this guy is getting exposure for this so his music better sound like something


    1. Unfortunately it doesn’t. It’s the same typical music. I thought about Ross dropping the charges. But that whole photo shoot on somebody else’s property is too much. This is his best chance for success but sure he will blow it


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