Malibu Meets Compton

This is hilarious. Please watch the entire video.

That, my friends was suburban, cocaine snorting, melanin deficient, thug ass rapper Stitches getting put to sleep by The Game’s manager Wack100. After talking all this shit, posting videos with guns, talking about another man’s kids…..damn you need better friends. But the icing on the cake for me, is how many times this white guy calls a black man “pussy nigga” and “boy”.  If you’re really about that life, so be it. But the video says otherwise.

Now I’m pretty sure Stitches runs with a gang of black guys who thought it was cool to terrorize the industry and talk shit to people who won’t do shit.  That is, until shit goes down for real. Now look at the picture below and you can see what was going on in their minds the second he got slumped.


Then to top it off, HE went to jail for resisting an officer without violence(google it), marijuana possession, and a couple of outstanding warrants. Bravo, from the other pictures I’ve seen of Mr. Stitches, this is his most humble.

Boy we’ve been waiting on this one. The nerve. The audacity. Going out of your way to come see somebody? And got seen. By TMZ, by Twitter, by Instagram, by Facebook. Some reading this may say, “damn, you kinda hard on homie”. But nah, I discussed this before.


And I saw this shit coming a mile away. It’s cool to think you are all inclusive in the culture, but lines still get drawn, whether you can see them or not. I guess he tried to snort this one. Whatever the case, he crossed it. Consequences followed suit.


You must be aware of what you want out of life. I am a firm believer that if you ask, you shall receive. Whether good or bad. Stitches asked for everything that happened to him. Sure, he didn’t ask for the outcome, but the onset, absolutely. I knew all that tough talk and tossing that N-word so freely, was going to catch up with him. I hate watching videos of people get beat up on Worldstar, but for some reason I enjoyed this one.

Of course he got out of jail and proceeded to talk more shit. I got this next piece courtesy of DJ Akademiks and it sums up everything lovely.



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