Run The Vote

On November 23, 2015 Bernie Sanders held a rally and gave a speech in Atlanta to strengthen his endeavors to be President of the United States of America. He had a great turn out. However, there was NO political support on hand to see Bernie. Correction, no Democratic political support on hand to see Bernie. Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed was front and center when Hillary Clinton came to Atlanta. But that’s okay, because the one person who did come out for Bernie, really speaks for his generation in Atlanta. His generation just so happens to be my generation.  None other than Killer Mike. That’s right people, former dope boy, marijuana advocate, activist, entrepreneur and all around dope ass rapper Killer Mike got to introduce Senator Sanders to Atlanta, Georgia.

This makes me proud for so many reasons. First of all, watching somebody from our ilk speaking with so much compassion and conviction about a cause. Seeing a man that played the third wheel to Outkast and win a Grammy before he had an album, gain the respect of a man running for President of the most powerful nation on earth. That is amazing.

This post isn’t to sway anyone’s political opinion, but there has to be some level of respect for this. Ben Carson and Young Mogul, be fully aware, that real hip hop and people with a clear sense of purpose and self awareness have found each other. And of course I know Senator Bernie Sanders holds more independent ideologies than your typical democrat, but the change and signs of the time remain the same.  It doesn’t mean that he will win, but it sparks a change for future generations. For all politicians who fail to reach out to blacks and Hispanics, take notes from Senator Sanders. Our votes count the same as the next man. Because you’re in a different tax bracket, does not allow you to vote twice. Change is upon us people. And when I see things like this, it makes me optimistic for the future to come.

I’m pretty sure Donald Trump is somewhere nervous as hell trying to see if Riff Raff can spit something real quick. Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio are both begging Pitbull to link up. And Hillary Clinton needs to know if Fresh Prince is available….since he worked so well for her husband.

But no, no more pawn shit, Killer is a rapper, but he didn’t have to rap to get his point across. Sound, sane, grown ass man who happens to be into hip hop. Beware, this is the future.

See the full speech below.


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