Wuda Cuda Shuda

I came across a video online earlier today and I was quite disturbed. Rapper 2 Chainz is filming a woman clearly trying to go in another direction from where a man was dragging her. It didn’t look playful. It looked like this how rape begins. But regardless, 2 Chainz and a few buddies continue to film and crack jokes about the matter.  Here’s the video.

Now I know we live in a Worldstar generation and the more hood, ratchet, ignorant shit you can film, the better. But for a 38 year old man with a daughter to sit and laugh about this shit is ridiculous. Sometimes I look at rappers as the alter egos to who they really are. And I say to myself, “self, there’s no way he’s that fuckin’ stupid”. I had to apologize to myself today. Could Mr. Chainz have sat down and let Tauheed Epps handle this one? Or is Mr. Epps just as ignorant as Chainz? At the very least, he could have sent his security just to check on the woman. Use your celebrity. I can almost guarantee, that if dude in that video saw a famous rapper as he was dragging this woman, he might have stopped. And maybe she was drunk and he was genuinely helping her. But do something.

I know its not a very hip-hoppity thing to do, but fuck, we have to care about other people. I have a wife, a mother, three daughters and a lot of other female relatives. I understand scenes like these are a joke until it happens to someone you love. This young lady could be someone’s daughter, sister, wife, mother or friend.  Shame on you 2 Chainz. Besides you of all people should know what its like to be caught on tape in a compromising position.



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