Blow The Whistle: Really, Really, Really Regular Rappers


The views expressed in this section will probably piss a lot of people off. But our aim isn’t to

hurt, discredit or dishonor anybody.

Now that we got that out of the way, allow me to explain what this section is all about. Blow The Whistle will be dedicated to rappers we LOVE. I’m talking about buying albums, tickets to concerts, follow them on social media or you got a personal story about them. That’s cool. But the difference is these particular artist aren’t that great on the mic. And we know this, and we still continue to support them. So once again, this isn’t a hating article. This is about the “less-is-more”, “don’t over think it”, the “no, I didn’t write anything, I’ll figure it out in the studio” emcees. Mediocre. Really. Really. Really regular rappers.

When people think of rappers or emcees, most people think of lyrics, wordplay, formats, patterns, wittiness, style, aggression, so on and so forth. The people we put in this section don’t care about none of that shit. But somehow they have outlasted a lot of so called true emcees. So we begin this section with The Godfather of Mediocrity.

Too Short

Todd Anthony Shaw better known as Sir Too Short is an Oakland, California based hip hop legend.

Entertaining the masses since 1983 when he and Freddie B. released “Don’t Stop Rappin”. You wanna hear it? Hear it go.

Notice something?

The 1983 Too Short sounds just like the 1996 Too Short sound just like the 2012 Too Short. All his raps sound like dirty nursery rhymes for the most part. But he gave us gems at the same time. Who amongst you can deny the greatness of “The Ghetto”?  Why do you say ‘bitch’ like that?  Who, in the history of the game, has done a song with 2Pac,Ice Cube, Biggie, Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z, Scarface, UGK and 8-Ball & MJG?  And furthermore, how the hell did he get certified lyricists to say ” you know who we need on this track”?

I’ll tell you.


With a career spanning 32 years, Too Short has remained one of the most well respected artist ever. Outside of a slight skirmish with The Luniz and another with Messy Marv, I can’t think of anyone that has disrespected Todd Shaw. Founder of The Dangerous Crew, which was responsible for introducing Spice-1. Started up All Night Records which introduced Lil’ B and The Pack. The first rapper to claim retirement. So by default, the first rapper to un-retire. Short moved to Atlanta, developed a whole new sound and continued to drop hits. Had  a low key roll in ‘Menace 2 Society’. Hooked up with Lil Jon to drop a banger with “Blow The Whistle” in 2006. Dropped a double album in 2012 with E-40. The man said it himself on his first record, he simply “don’t stop rappin”. So yeah, Too Short might be a mediocre lyricist, but that has never slowed down the hustle.



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