Sauce Walka Disses Drake

Another day, another beef. Today Sauce Walka from The Sauce Twins took it upon himself to speak his piece on Aubrey Graham. I know a lot of you are like ” who the fuck is Sauce Walka and The Sauce Twins”. That’s a relevant question. But for me, I’ve been on game. These are two Houston, Texas rappers who have been building quite a reputation for themselves. My first introduction was the fact, it was their show that former NBA baller Steve Francis got his chain snatched at. See image below.


So perhaps some of you are connecting the dots. Rappers. Drake. Houston. Not ringing any bells?

Well Drake has a major love affair with the city of syrup. Bun-B was one of his first featured artist and he just so happened to be discovered by Jaz Prince. J Prince’s son. Houston has been a big part of his success from the beginning. So much that Drake hosts an annual Houston Appreciation Weekend once a year. That’s cool and I wish more rappers would do the same. But this is not the reason for the diss. The Sauce Twins have been making tremendous progress lately. Major features and a whole movement behind them. Drake made the mistake of saying he would hop on a track with them as a remix and never fulfilled his promise.

If you don’t know anything, you should know what a Drake cosign is worth. Ask Migos, Fetty Wap, Makonnen, and Future. So when he promised and didn’t deliver, these dudes felt some type of way. And on top of that, Drake offered that, they didn’t ask for it. The hustle continues but damn, the push they would have received would have resulted in a lot more people knowing who they are.

So naturally, when you feel slighted or disrespected, the next thing you do is air it out. Sauce Walka came back with “Wack To Wack” . Basically calling Drake out for stealing Houston flavor, getting turned out by their strip clubs and basically being an actor more so than a rapper. Check the track out below.

In my opinion, it’s not a great diss, but it definitely has more punch and validity than Meek Mill’s. There is something to this diss more than the average Drake hate. I doubt he even responds because that would only mean an opportunity for these guys to hit the national stage. And I’m pretty sure, that is not the way Drake chooses to distribute his cosigns.

Tell me your thoughts.



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