September 13th 1996

19 years ago today we lost one of the greatest artist of our time.

Tupac Amaru Shakur died six days after he was shot in Las Vegas.

Today on radio you will hear a lot of 2pac songs being played from coast to coast.

And that’s a great thing, but how he is remembered is key to me.

I like to remember Pac as the result of a revolution.

Son of a black panther. Community activist.

Accomplished actor, musician, poet and philanthropist.

So yes, I will construct a playlist dedicated to him.

And no it will not contain “Hit’em Up”.

I know that it was apart of his catalogue but somehow the ignorant side get showcased more than others.

Do a million things right and one thing wrong. Guess what we remember?

Now I won’t sit here and tell you he was a saint. Pac did a LOT of ignorant shit. A LOT.

But that doesn’t matter now.

This is my dedication to the realest.

Lesane Parish Crooks.

Authentic. Genuine. Soldier.


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