Whats Wrong With This

So I was going through my daily hip hop websites earlier today, and I came across this guy named Stitches who has a new song dissing Tyga. I see no problem with this as I don’t deal with Tyga at all. I had no problem until I saw the video. Stitches is a white rapper based out of Miami, Florida. He obviously has an affinity for tattoos, cocaine and thug shit. See the songs “Brick In Yo Face”, “Molly Cyrus” and “Yayo” for further confirmation. I’m not posting that shit. Find it yourself.

But my problem truly stems from the fact that this white guy is allowed to not only call Tyga a nigga, but also have a black dude cosign this bullshit. And it’s not for real purposes, not like that matters. But you mad cause he’s fucking a girl who just turned legal? This is a weak and feeble attempt to gain fame from a lame. He’s been lame, we know this, but these guys won’t come up on shit, if this is their “get out the suburbs ” card. I’m sorry, I’m saying all of this and I bet you guys don’t even know what I’m talking about. Here’s the weak ass song, video and concept called “Kyga Shes A Liar”.

This shit terrible on so many levels. First of all it’s wack as fuck. Second, he really has the audacity to be talking about a child who JUST turned 18. So how old was she when he was “cumming on her lips”? Bragging about your homeboy fucking a child raw. I’m sure cocaine is a helluva drug, but this is ignorant, foolish and unwarranted. I guess he thinks this is what niggas do. Wrong white boy.

Now to address the elephant in the room.

What is wrong in the state of hip hop where this is acceptable? I have white friends and never have they been allowed to refer to me as “their nigga”. Even as if used as term of endearment, its is unac-fucking-ceptable. But this song here doesn’t even do that. ‘Pussy nigga’, ‘fuck that nigga’, the only time I’ve ever said these words is when I’m ready to fight. But outside of that, who are these “real niggas” that told him this shit is ok? Who gassed him up in the studio and hit record? Who is this idiot on the song with him? If they have alternative motives and plan to take him to Opa Locka, Overtown or Carol City to do a show and get killed, maybe not a bad idea. But to cosign this, is pure fuckery. I don’t condone nor understand.

Not to get on my soapbox, but we have enough problems as black people already. We are killing us. Cops are killing us. Presidential candidates still don’t think we can be considered human beings. The last thing we need is the average coke head white boy wannabe gangsta, thinking it’s cool to disrespect us. I don’t want to say they don’t belong in hip hop, because there is room for everybody. But there is a line that shouldn’t be crossed. I don’t care how lame Tyga is. I bet he wouldn’t say that shit to Trick Daddy, Project Pat or Gucci Mane. I’m old enough to remember a time when a white guy said some shit like this, it was an ass whoopin on site. He shouldn’t be this comfortable.

But hey, who am I? A simple man with a blog. If this becomes acceptable within this genre of music, expect my exit soon. And it won’t be because a shitty white rapper says ‘nigga’. It will be because you ‘niggas’ allowed it. Peace…..or whatever.


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