Lil WeezyAna Fest Recap

Last night in New Orleans, Louisiana, Lil Wayne officially kicked off his first festival. The Lil WeezyAna Fest began on the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina with a portion of the proceeds from the festival going to Tha Carter Fund. Which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the continuation of rebuilding New Orleans. Kudos for that.  But I’m pretty sure those who paid for tickets and got Tidal subscriptions to screen it, weren’t necessarily on some fund raising shit. The real anticipation was for the reunion of these guys.

Juvenile. Lil Wayne. Young Turk. BG. That’s right, hip hop’s first boy band had a semi reunion last night. With Mannie Fresh standing in for BG, who couldn’t be there for obvious reasons. I will give more details on the actual reunion later. But this festival, in it’s first year was truly for the city of New Orleans. No outside help was necessary. Wayne had the entire New Orleans hip hop community come out in full support. Everybody from DJ Jubilee, Curren$y, Sqad Up to Master P. Damn straight Master P and Mia X came through. And in true New Orleans fashion a second line brass band topped the night off. (Editor’s note: Some of these videos will look like shit because A: it just happened last night and I wasn’t there and B: I got all this shit from Youtube. So. Yeah.)

  Now to the highlights.

The Reunion

That shit was dope to see them get back together. Even though it’s not in the video, they had a special tribute to BG with a speech by his mother. But with Mannie standing in for BG, they did a great job. I just wished they had practiced at least once before performing.

Master P and No Limit

Surprise of the night had to be Master P and the No Limit family making an appearance. Mia X and some guys I do NOT know performed along with P. Why not bring Silk the Shocker, I meant, anybody else from the old No Limit. Fiend, Kane & Abel, Mystikal or even Mr. Serv-On. But hey, love is love. And respect was definitely shown. I bet Baby mad as hell. Oh well.


The most controversial moment came when Drake appeared on stage. This festival was streamed exclusively through Tidal. Drake has signed on to Apple exclusively for streaming services. So, when he appeared, all the people streaming from Tidal saw this.

Boooo. This shit is so petty. But I guess the stakes are high these days for real. And I guess its fairly certain that Wayne, Drake and Nicki are still down for each other, despite the current Cash Money situation. And I also see where Wayne is riding with Drake in this beef against Meek. I’m almost certain that the Nicki and Meek relationship will end when the tour does. No hate.

Now its a lot of material I couldn’t  find in videos from the actual event. But I did find a gang of pictures.

Wayne and Drake

Master P and Wayne

Wayne and Juvenile

5th Ward Weebie


Turk, Wayne, Juvenile

Master P

For a city with so much musical history, there was no better time nor place for Lil Wayne to do what he did for his city. I’m sure it was much needed and much appreciated. From the history of jazz, blues and zydeco, came the birth of bounce and New Orleans hip hop. Add on top of that, the 10th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina to show the strength and resiliency of a city that has seen the absolute worst. There is no other artist in New Orleans who could have pulled this off. Excellent job Mr. Carter.



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