Top 5- Andre 3000 Guest Verses

I’m quite aware that for the few followers I DO have,

there is no way possible to agree with this list.

So what I decided to do was lay a few ground rules.

  1. This is only for guest verses.
  2.  You can claim only ONE Dungeon Family tune.
  3.  Big Boi CANNOT be featured on the same song.

Here is mine in no particular order.

Lil Wayne featuring Tech N9NE and Andre 3000- Interlude

Young Jeezy featuring Jay-Z and Andre 3000- I Do

TI featuring Andre 3000- Sorry

Goodie Mob featuring Andre 3000- Thought Process

Rich Boy- Throw Some D’s (remix)

Honorable Mentions

Devin the Dude featuring Snoop Dogg, Andre 3000- What A Job

Chris Brown- Dueces

Now I know my favorites won’t be your favorites,

but follow the rules.

The task will become harder.

Leave comments or suggestions.



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