Conspiracy Time 1

Greetings world. Sorry for the hiatus, this weekend has been a blur. I know some of you are looking at the title on this post and thinking WTF does that mean. Well, me and a few of my trusted comrades have a few theories about certain situations concerning hip-hop. Now I’m not saying I’m right, but I might not be wrong. And even if I am….I made you think. You’re welcome.

So anyway, I, like damn near half the country, spent some time to check out Straight Outta Compton this weekend. I loved this movie. The way in which the story was told was outstanding. It did have a few inconsistencies but hell, you try to cram in damn near 30 years worth of life into 2 and a half hours. Now I won’t give it away for those who haven’t seen it but. Eazy-E dies. I’m sorry.

Now this is truly sad, but I also remember the atmosphere at the time before he passed. There were not a lot of people riding for Eazy at this time. We all love winners but the hate and bullshit he had to put up with was amazing. Who doesn’t remember this…..

That’s some pretty harsh shit for the man who was responsible for introducing you to the world. But that’s still a small portion of the entire elephant in the room. Eazy-E died of full blown AIDS on March 26, 1995. A mere two weeks after the initial discovery. In comparison, Magic Johnson revealed to the world his status as being HIV positive in November of 1991. That’s damn 4 years in between. So I, like a lot of others around me, thought with the advancement of medical breakthroughs, that this would be something he could live with. But damn. To see him die after being slandered and ridiculed by former friends is just adding insult to injury. And this is also where the conspiracy comes in. If you haven’t followed or paid attention I’ll put it here:

Suge Knight gave Eazy-E AIDS

 Of course this is a conspiracy and not a proven fact, but I would never just say things without at least having a little back up. I present to you exhibit A: A quick interview with Suge Knight on Jimmy Kimmel roughly around 2003.

Did you hear what I heard? What’s so got damn funny about somebody dying of AIDS? But it doesn’t stop there. Exhibit B. Just listen to the intro.


HIV pussy having muthafucka? Wait a minute. Doggystyle dropped November 23, 1993. Eazy-E didn’t know he even had AIDS until at LEAST March 12, 1995. How did they know? What an eerie prediction to make.

So the most logical question is why. Why would Death Row have to resort to such tactics in order to ensure victory over Eazy and Ruthless Records? Well, how about the fact that Eazy signed the contract to release Dr. Dre under duress? What if he got with the right legal representation and had a cease and desist order against anything Death Row put out with Dre’s name on it? What better way to impede any forth coming problems than to stop the man who could take away everything?

Now this may be a far fetched idea, but I never said I was right, but I really do feel like this might be another notch for Suge that will go unnoticed. Leave comments, tell me I’m wrong, tell me I’m right, let’s discuss this. Peace.


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