Compton Review

At this point you’ve had a whole weekend to digest the long awaited return of the great Dr. Dre. Let me insert a disclaimer now. After waiting 16 years since his last release, he would have needed a verse from El Chapo with a Suge Knight intro for me to be floored by this album. But of course I will attempt to keep it civil and let the reader figure out is it a classic on their on.

First song outside of the intro is Talk About It featuring King Mez and Justus. The  beat is a winner even though it goes through a lot of changes. I like the different flows the rappers use. That kid King Mez might be tough. I think a pattern is set where a lot of Dre’s raps will be about how he came up and how good he got it now.

Genocide up next. I heard this track and I’m thinking…Damn I’m waiting on Kendrick. Instead senior citizen Dre is talking about shooting wives and loading clips. What the fuck man. I said I was gonna keep it civil but damn. Kendrick shit sounds more believable because he has played this role before where he speaks for others. This Take 6 shit tight at the end though.

Its All On Me is a nice joint. Very soulful and a bit of a message. I will need to play this one again. I see this is basically giving a brief history of starting with Eazy-E up until the start of Death Row. I see BJ the Chicago Kid on this one. That’s a very talented dude. Judging from what I know, he should have had a verse on this. The struggle and the come up is right up his alley. But either way this shit is nice.

All In a Day’s Work has a hella long intro before an actual verse starts. I guess this Anderson.Paak guy is some kinda rap singer hybrid. Not like Drake. More like Knoc’turnal. Be careful young man. I feel a lot of jazz is coming through and something is telling me this has a lot to do with taking pieces of what Kendrick has been doing.

Up next is Darkside Gone. Once again this King Mez dude is flowing. I don’t know too much about this Dre verse. I’m already tired of hearing  about his longevity. I never came to hear him rap anyways, but the verses he has had written for him were nice sometimes. This shit seems to follow the same format. I’m in the man, and I’m still doing it. I like the beat change up. Mez had a nice verse but Kendrick does what Kendrick does. Nice one.

Loose Cannon featuring Xzibit and Cold 187um. Beat on some 70’s pimp shit. Well at least it started that way. Starts out good then it goes a bit sinister. Another change up a Cold 187um piece and then Xzibit starts. This shit sounds like three different songs already. And then somebody kills a woman and has to bury a body. I have no fucking clue what this song is about. Oh shit loose cannons, I guess.

I was looking forward to Issues since I saw Ice Cube on it. Then they flipped the same sample Mos Def used for Supermagic from The Ecstatic. Expecting greatness. No real subject but its great to him and Dre on the same track. Damn what was Ren doing that day?

Deep Waters starts with same “look what I did for you” shit that somebody keeps writing for him. Matter of fact, I’m only going to point out the highlights as I see them from here on out.

Kendrick’s verse is tight on Deep Waters. I don’t like Snoop over is One Shot One Kill track. Damn he could have been used so much better. Almost like on the next track with Game, Snoop and Game on this Just Another Day would have been nice. For the Love of Money would have been absolutely awesome if he had Bone contribute something. Not to say Jon Connor is wack but come the fuck on. Satisfiction is a trippy jam , I like Snoop better here and the hook is nice. On Medicine Man, Eminem does exactly what you expect. The beat is nice and the rhymes are cool. However, Dre says “niggas be 44 acting half their ages”. Hmmm. See above for the problem here. But overall its a cool song. Eminem is still an upper echelon emcee. Talking to My Diary is a final wrap up of everything since the fame and fortune.

Overall, Compton is going to be respected as another great Dr. Dre album. But what I see upon further inspection is the fact that there is a producer on every track not named Dr. Dre. I personally thinks he is a hell of a engineer but a so-so producer. I really would like to know the last song he produced fully by himself. And we already know he’s not writing the rhymes. So why the big hoopla for someone who needs help at every aspect of HIS album. Why did he not pull back and grab people from the past? Where is Ren, Kurupt, RBX, The Lady of Rage and Daz at? Why no DJ Quik, Daz and Yella Boy helping with production? I don’t know what else to expect from a soundtrack based upon the story of NWA, but I’m seriously not listening to senior citizen gangsta rap. Sorry. I really wish he would throw the Detox sessions out there for supplemental support but….


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