Almos Def

So a few days ago Mos Def posted the following message on Youtube, challenging any and every rapper to a battle.

Welp. Somebody accepted. Lupe Fiasco soon responded with….

Dear Yasiin Bey, Whenever, wherever, whoever… Sincerely, Lupe Fiasco.
Uh-oh! Game on, right?…… Not so much. As of today this was posted.
Nigga booooooo!
What the fuck happened? So hip hop is not a competitive sport? How you go from the first post to this? I don’t give a fuck who leaked it, you said it. And you said it with an aura of  I don’t care who hears it. Maybe I’m wrong. But I doubt it. I got the utmost respect for Mos Def but you can’t say shit and not do shit. This is unacceptable. Why open your mouth at all? Especially wearing a fucking blouse. KRS-One said “if I’m 50 years old in the mall with my kids and a dude say let’s battle, its my obligation to get busy”. Mos Def said “battle anybody, I don’t care who you tell”. Yeah it’s an LL rhyme but still. You can’t say these types of things without being prepared for what may come. But anyway, I’m disappointed.

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