Meek vs. Drake: Opinion


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As most battles in hip-hop goes, you usually have a bad guy and a good guy, a protagonist versus antagonist, or more commonly, who I like against who you like. This Drake versus Meek Mill situation is unlike any we have seen in awhile. When I got up today, I saw the news of Meek threatening wedgies and asking why Drake didn’t respond to Pusha T. I want to know, wanna know why that matters. Here you have a situation that could have totally been avoided. Meek chose a tactic that he previously used against Wale, by claiming this is all because Drake did not take the time to tweet about Meek’s new album. Why are other rappers supposed to be his promotions team? Why is he not asking Ross for a bigger marketing budget? How many more albums was he hoping to sell with a Drake tweet? It bothers me to write this article because I have never been a fan of Drake’s. EVER. But we have to be honest, there is no way Meek can survive this battle and still produce the same content.

When I first heard about the beef between the two, I wasn’t interested, as I’m not a huge fan of Meek and see above for Drake. But what did catch my attention was how fast the response came from Drake. There wasn’t a whole lot of social media. He hit the studio and rapped. That’s what were here for right? I wasn’t even impressed with the ‘Charged Up’ joint, its just the fact he was ready for it. Now when ‘Back to Back’ dropped, this is when checkers became chess. The timing of the release, the artwork, donating money to Meek’s high school, the bottles to Charlemagne. Fucking. Genius. Rap beef 2015 shit. That one layer of dirt against the next man shit is dead. The facts that were placed in the song were undeniable. World tour, Girl tour. Trigga fingers, Twitter fingers. Fuck Meek for making me like Drake.

So where was the response? Tweets and Instagram post go silent. I’m hyping myself up. My thoughts: A. battle rapper from Philly. B. who happens to be fucking the woman of Drake’s dreams. C. HE started this shit. Meek about to KILL this marshmallow. So we wait, and wait. And wait some more. And finally, he drops ‘Wanna Know’. My face:


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That shit was terrible. I’m thinking about 8 Mile and how Rabbit beat his opponent to the punch and dissed himself so it holds no weight. Buttercup. Caught a case when he slapped that bitch. Typical Drake disses. So predictable. He had a skit and even included Quentin Miller with another mysterious reference track. This is going to be tougher than Meek planned for sure. Then he ends the song with this that Ja Rule 50 Cent shit. Well who is who?

I’ll tell you. There is no way I consider Meek being the 50 in this situation. And you would think with the sappy love songs Drake fits the mold of Ja Rule. But there is another battle this reminds me of. Jay-Z versus Prodigy, here you have the golden boy of the time getting pressed by some grimy QB nigga. Doing interviews and dropping subliminals every chance he gets. Remember chess not checkers. Jay never wasted a whole track on Prodigy but he became the biggest loser when Summer Jam came that year. Did Meek not take this into consideration, knowing that the OVO festival was coming up? Cause that dude got Prodigied. Two brand new diss tracks in front of his hometown with endless Meek memes being shown behind him. AND The Fresh Prince came through. Game. Set. Match.

So the question is, what happens from here. How does Meek come back? Does Drake let up or does he throw a shot every chance it works in a rhyme? I think Meek gonna have to fall back and try to drop a more introspective and self reflective type single. Not to get on Drake’s level but more so because that tough talking gangster shit ain’t working. He got bodied by a singin’ nigga.  Perhaps he should learn some lessons from Rick Ross on how to keep a low profile and continue to drop dope music when the heat is on. Twitter and Instagram will never top your work. As for Drake, as soon as he cuts the bad guy beard off, he will apologize and offer to let Meek appear on his Let’s Be Friends compilation. Hosted by Charlemagne of course. But seriously, with years of being tested and not responding to numerous threats, this is the one he was waiting for. A wise man chooses his battles. Message!





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