Blood In Blood Out

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Jimmy Winfrey. Also known as PeeWee Roscoe. Also known as TI’s pet project on Road to Redemption. Also known as Young Thug’s tour manager. Also known as a horrible shooter. Has just added a new aka to his name. Snitch. Since being arrested in June in connection with the shooting aimed at Lil Wayne’s tour bus, a lot of information is slowly coming forth. The official indictment suggested that Thugger and Baby had something to do with the bus shooting. Shortly thereafter, phone records revealed that the first number called after the shooting was to a phone owned by Cash Money Records. Coincidence. Maybe. Red flag. For sure. So after almost two months of sitting in jail, it seems Winfrey is not going down by himself.

TMZ reports:

Jimmy Winfrey claims in new court docs he shouldn’t be singled out for the crime, when “[Birdman’s] financial dispute with [Lil Wayne] is what ultimately led to the shooting.”

So, Winfrey argues, “[Birdman] should be held liable as a party to the crime.” He’s not specifically saying Birdman ordered the hit, but essentially that’s what he’s saying.

Say it ain’t so PeeWee! I read somewhere this was for a higher gang ranking. How’s that working out? Supposedly to be a bigger, better Blood, he shot a fucking bus containing an artist who is suing the company who owns that phone that was called immediately afterwards. Does this mean he’s willing to testify against Birdman? Will this situation be the one to crack the decades long mystery of artist dying after leaving Cash Money over financial disputes? (stay tuned for that one). Could Baby really be stupid enough to try to kill a man this famous when it is well known they are going through drama?

I don’t know. But with the history of Cash Money and the shadiness of the industry, nothing is out of the question. But I do know, Baby has found his answer according to that latest interview as to who was trying to kill his son. Find a mirror. Find your man. According to PeeWee anyway.



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